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My Approach

Health is an extremely personal thing, and creating a healthy life doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all package.

Far too often, healthcare doesn’t address us as individuals.

But the truth is that symptoms show up differently for different people – and for so many different reasons.

It’s no wonder that we hop from doctor to doctor, never finding an approach that truly heals what ails us.

We’re told that it’s all in our head, or given a catch-all diagnosis.

Getting out of that frustrating cycle of temporary “fixes” requires a deeper look into what’s going on in the body.

That’s where I come in: my unique approach combines scientific expertise with tailored, holistic coaching. You’ll learn the tools and strategies to reverse your symptoms at the root.

Together, we’ll uncover your (often hidden) underlying imbalances and create an individualized health plan that works for you. You’ll go from feeling trapped by your conditions to feeling liberated knowing you have the power to completely transform them (and really enjoy your life while you’re at it!).

I believe that everyone can create a profound connection with themselves, becoming their own expert on what will guide them toward their healthiest life.

I believe this because I’ve done it myself.


Like so many others, I experienced a long list of symptoms starting in my early 20’s.

It looked a little something like this:

  •   Anxiety
  •   Acne
  •   Severe migraines
  •   Insomnia
  •   Crazy periods
  •   30 pounds of unhealthy weight that I just couldn’t lose
  •   Constipation
  •   Bloating

If you’re thinking “Wow, that sounds miserable,” you’re right. I went from “expert” to “expert,” trying to find answers.

The response, time and time again? Prescription drugs.

And they never seemed to correct the problem.

A year later, I was still suffering. I felt trapped and confused, led in useless directions by generic diet plans and medications. Even when I ate the way I was “supposed to,”

I lacked energy and desperately craved sugar. I felt completely overwhelmed and stressed out.

Sound like you?

Here’s the truth: I got well, and so can you.

My life changed forever when I decided to take another path.

I decided to see my body’s symptoms as clues that something wasn’t right on a deeper level, that I wasn’t giving my body what it needed to thrive.

On my own, I started listening. After six months of responding to my body’s signals and eating what I was designed to eat (not what was marketed to me as “healthy”), I was off all of my prescriptions, my symptoms were gone, and I lost my uncomfortable weight without even trying.

The biggest surprise? I stopped having to think about food. Once I learned to listen, my relationship to eating became natural, easy, and fun. (Seriously!)

More than ten years later, as a mother in my late 30’s, I still feel like I dreamed of feeling in my early 20’s.

I’m here to help others find their version of that feeling – a feeling of balance, vitality, and deep connection with the body.

Combining clinical experience with extensive training in functional nutrition and biochemistry, I’ve dedicated my life to helping thousands of clients identify and pursue their own unique path to health.

Together, we can:

  • Discover the signs your body is sending about what it needs to be healthy
  • Combine genetic information with your personal experience to not only reverse current symptoms, but prevent new ones
  • Break down the complexities of nutrition science to enable understanding and action
  • Cut through the clutter of advertising, fads, and conflicting research to find the truth of what works for you
  • Empower you to take charge of your health in a holistic and positive way

I’ll be straight with you: this is a challenge. But it’s a challenge that will absolutely change your life, and it’s one we can take on together.

Ready to start? 

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Working with Veronica has been an eye opening experience and blessing to our family. I was a bit skeptical at first as I have worked with functional doctors before and had results but they never solved my issues.  About halfway through my 12 week program, Veronica’s knowledge, skill, and education eliminated the skepticism. My digestion issues were complex. Through guidance & treatment, Veronica taught me how to listen for my body’s digestion signals. The integral part about Veronica’s regimen is that she truly adapts the eating plan & lifestyle approach to fit each individual. She went out of her way to find foods that we liked & enjoyed so we could stick to the plan and enjoy eating while continuing to heal. Veronica also helped my 14 year old heal enough to get off of her medications, which we didn’t think was possible! We loved that we could communicate with Veronica anytime, whether we had questions while shopping or traveling, she helped us through every situation.

Nichole B.
Nichole B.Cary, NC

Working with you has been life-changing. Your intuition figured it out. I am SO much happier and am no longer taking anti-depressants or ADD medication. For 17 years, my previous attempts led to horrible emotional consequences. I kept telling my doctor that no healthy person should feel like this all the time. He repeatedly tested me for things and brushed me off by telling me I was just depressed and needed to just take my meds.  Now, I’m thinking clearly, my mood is great, my skin is clearer, my allergies are better, and my asthma is almost non-existent… I’m NOT TAKING ALL THOSE MEDS with all those side effects!!!! My quality of life is infinitely better, and I am still in awe of the change. Thank you, thank you, thank you… A million times.

Carrie O.
Carrie O.Durham, NC

I’ve had amazing results with Veronica. It started out with improvement in my skin as I had food allergies that I was never aware of until we started. About two weeks in, I lost 6.3 pounds, my digestive problems improved, and I felt more energetic. Since starting, I have lost a total of 62 pounds! Simply put, this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my body.

Nefertiti A.
Nefertiti A.Durham, NC

I exercise consistently but the results have not been what I expected so I contacted Veronica in February to see if my diet was the problem. We walked through every meal and Veronica provided me healthy options to put me on the right track.  In May, I received a physical and my overall cholesterol is down 40 points!  I didn’t make any drastic changes either, just a tweak here and there mixed into some healthy snacking and I’m feeling really good and looking forward to my next appointment so I can take my healthier lifestyle to the next level.  

Will L.
Will L.Durham, NC

I have always thought that I ate healthfully but decided to visit Veronica to see if I could get some additional advice.  I decided to try out her suggestions for 6 weeks, and I have been amazed at the results.  After the initial 6 weeks, I felt so much better that I did not want to go back to my former way of eating.  I sleep better at night and have more energy.  My food cravings are gone, and I don’t feel hungry all of the time.  My mind is clearer with less “brain fog.”  What I thought were seasonal allergies vanished.  As an additional bonus, I lost 15 pounds in the first 3 months (which I had not been able to drop with all my previous efforts to eat healthfully and exercise).

Aimee B.
Aimee B.Durham, NC

I had a diagnosis of diabetes after being pre-diabetic for several years.  I made changes to what I ate and was exercising on a regular basis when I reached a plateau and knew it was time for additional changes to my eating habits.  So I decided to work with Veronica. I took the one-on-one grocery store tour with Veronica. We also met when I had additional questions.  With the additional changes suggested by her, I am now losing weight again. Veronica helped me break through the plateau.  I am also happy to say that I am no longer diabetic and my path to a healthier me is being achieved.

Anna M.
Anna M.Durham, NC